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15 outdoor screen ideas that are both private and stylish.

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Many Australian homeowners, particularly those who are located in more densely populated city areas or suburban locations are often seeking privacy options that are stylish yet practical to increase the liveability of their home. It’s understandable to want privacy in your outdoor area especially if you enjoy hosting family gatherings or dinner parties with multiple guests. Did you know that you can extend the life of your outdoor furniture with strategically placed outdoor privacy screens too?

Protection from harmful UV rays.

Direct sunlight and harmful UV rays are a main contributor to the rapid decline of materials and fabrics commonly used outside. By providing a shaded area for your furniture you can protect it and your family from such damaging rays. Don’t be mistaken though! Installing privacy screens in your back yard absolutely doesn’t mean that you need to sacrifice or obstruct your view of your garden or swimming pool. There are numerous market leading privacy screen options out there that will give you the best of both worlds in your backyard—privacy and an unobstructed view

outdoor roller blinds blocking sun
outdoor blinds

Improve air quality.

Air ventilation is an important factor for your outdoor area too, particularly if you have an outdoor kitchen. Your air quality needs to remain high in order to keep yourself and your family healthy. Fully enclosed spaces that don’t allow for airflow, can become stuffy and uncomfortable, especially if you have multiple people in the one space. Retractable outdoor screens will appear and disappear as you please, which allow you to have full control of your outdoor environment. With Phantom Screens, there are multiple privacy screen options available that will keep your air fresh and your dinner party private.

If your nosey neighbours are regularly invasive of your boundaries and tend to hinder the atmosphere of your home entertaining—here are some suggestions on the best available outdoor privacy screen ideas to implement in your home.

Outdoor motorised solar screens.

Exterior solar shades are highly effective in keeping harmful UV rays away from your home and outdoor area where you regularly entertain and relax. Having outdoor screens encourages a more active social life and creates a relaxing sanctuary to unwind in after a long day. These types of shades give a luxurious and high-end feel to any outdoor area and are effective at providing privacy and protecting your outdoor area from harsh weather conditions. Motorised outdoor screens keep excess heat out of your home and can be retracted back to ensure your view is never obstructed. Outdoor screens are available in a huge range of varying colours, shapes and styles that can be custom fit to any outdoor area. This means you can keep your home design theme cohesive which increases the appeal of your home—which is ideal for when you want to sell too.

outdoor shutters
outdoor screen

Roll-up outdoor blinds.

Roll-up blinds, or roller shades, are a type of blind that rolls up into a cylinder at the top of the window, door, or outside opening. Instead of using rope cords like with regular blinds, you pull on the shade itself or on a looped cord to get it to roll up and down easily. Custom made roller outdoor blinds are a cost-effective way to give your outdoor area some privacy—and they are also great at helping you regulate the temperature of your space. Privacy outdoor blinds are available in a range of different fabrics, sizes and colours to suit the design needs of any home. Roll-up outdoor blinds are easy to operate and if you choose a certified professional, they should be well made, expertly installed and will stand the test of time.

Vertical outdoor blinds.

Vertical outdoor blinds allow you to easily create a balance between sunlight penetration through your windows, and privacy in your home. The ability to tilt the louvres to allow sunlight and breeze into your home is very convenient. This is a longstanding style of privacy blinds that many would now consider outdated, however, they are able to be customised in varying colour and texture options to suit many homes. Vertical outdoor blinds are easy to install and are a very practical option that will give you privacy—and they also boast a sleek, visually appealing design that’s ideal for contemporary homes.

vertical outdoor blind
outdoor shutters white in sunroom

Aluminium exterior shutters.

Made from durable aluminium and able to be powder coated in your colour of choice, aluminium exterior shutters can be shut completely for total privacy. The shutters can be maneuvered so you can control the level of light penetrating your outdoor area. Aluminium shutters are also great from a security perspective as they make it nearly impossible for an intruder to break into your house if they’re shielding the opening. Exterior aluminium shutters have an understated beauty which is particularly popular within modern homes that emphasise clean lines and minimalism.

Translucent panels.

Using frosted glass panels to create the ultimate luxurious privacy screen in your space will add value to your home and also look great. Using glass to create privacy is a far more costly option than outdoor blinds due to the nature of the material choice. Frosted, sand-blasted glass panels are ideal if you want to block out your neighbour but still want your eye to pass through a screen. Translucent panels give an open, airy feel to many outdoor and indoor spaces.

tranlucent panel for outdoor space
freestanding walls is staggered Corten steel

Freestanding walls.

Freestanding walls can be strategically placed in your backyard to give you privacy and that unique design edge. You can use any material you desire, however, a popular choice for freestanding walls is staggered Corten steel or wood panels. With freestanding walls, you have the freedom to play with the heights to ensure you aren’t blocking the view of particular areas you wish you look at, such as your favourite part of the garden. You can place the freestanding walls in front of unsightly items such as water tanks or wheelie bins too. You can also position freestanding walls strategically to give you privacy from your neighbours’ lounge room window.


There are many different hedges available that vary in density depending on how much privacy you require in your home. A solid hedge will give you more privacy, whereas a lighter more airy hedge won’t give you the same level of privacy. Arborvitae is one of the most popular plants for a living privacy fence with its thick evergreen foliage creating a dense hedge. Other popular options include boxwood, holly, bamboo and green juniper ‘Spartan’.

privacy hedge in garden
pleached trees for privacy

Pleached trees.

This is the ‘hedge on stilts’ look where young tree species with pliable branches are trained to create privacy screens in a backyard. Pleached Carpinus trees kept at a height of approximately three metres tall—create a screen that will successfully block adjacent homes. Pleached trees will undoubtedly generate a space in your backyard that feels like a green, private sanctuary. Mature pleached trees are more expensive, due to the expert care and skill that has gone into crafting such established trees. Pleached trees are ideal if you have a regulation height fence but it’s still not giving you the privacy you need from your neighbours two-storey home. Be sure to educate yourself on a tree that doesn’t have invasive roots if you are deciding to plant in close proximity to your home. Space each tree accordingly to ensure adequate distance between each but be mindful not to leave too much space between either, as you don’t want noticeable gaps in your privacy screen.

Slatted screening.

Slatted screens are a more modern take on the traditional pergola. This is essentially an enclosure often made by slatted wood or aluminium slats to create a private outdoor area. More advanced slatted screening privacy designs will include built-in seating or tables made from the same materials. Slatted screening will obstruct your neighbours view, however, it won’t offer the same level of privacy as a solid wall for example.

slatted privacy screen
laser cut metal privacy screen

Laser-cut metal.

Commonly found in contemporary garden designs, laser-cut metal screens are one of the more creative ways to generate privacy in your backyard. There are multiple pre-existing patterns you can choose from; or you can have laser-cut metal privacy outdoor screens custom made to suit your design plan. You’ll often find laser-cut metal outdoor screens used to shield a spa, separate garden rooms or hide unsightly items in backyards (such as water tanks and hoses). You can even mount your laser-cut metal outdoor screen approximately 10cm in front of your backyard fence, then add lights to create a visually appealing effect. If you want an aesthetically elevated, quirky and creative privacy screen—try laser-cut metal outdoor screens.

Wood lattice.

This is one of the most inexpensive privacy screen options which is readily available in DIY form and can also be custom made and professionally installed. A wood lattice privacy screen will provide a level of privacy but the gaps in the lattice will still allow light and air through to make the space feel bright and airy. If you install a wood lattice privacy screen you will also still be able to see through to the other side so that you can continue to enjoy the view of your garden as it doesn’t 100% block this out. This crisscrossing wood option is more of a partial privacy screen, which is decorative and great at supporting your favourite climbing plants. If you plant jasmine or a denser plant and train it to engross your lattice you can achieve a far higher level of

wood lattice privacy
horizontal paneled fencing

Horizontal panelled fencing.

The advantage of using free standing panels, rather than a more traditional fence, is that you can make these your desired height; then strategically place them to block unattractive views or any unsightly adjacent buildings. Often horizontal panelled fencing is found on more contemporary builds and is readily available in flat pack options which are very simple to assemble. This type of outdoor screening can be found in numerous commercial builds and display/retirement villages as it’s durable and low maintenance. Often the panelled fencing is constructed from aluminium, which is lighter than steel; then it is pre-treated before being powder-coated making it highly resistant to corrosion.

Coloured acrylic.

This isn’t as common as outdoor blinds or lattice, but semi-translucent colourful sheets of Perspex acrylic mounted in stainless steel frames can really give you your desired privacy while also making a statement. Such decorative screens can give your garden that creative edge, and acrylic itself is noise resistant and highly durable. Due to the semi-translucent nature of acrylic sheeting, you can make wonderful light features by incorporating different coloured acrylic pieces in the build of your privacy screen. This concept is great for partitioning your backyard to create a more zoned outdoor living arrangement too. Coloured acrylic is far from a generic option when it comes to increasing your privacy in your backyard, so be sure to have a clear vision prior to executing this type of display.

coloured acrylic garden on patio for privacy
greenwall for privacy in garden or outdoor area

Green wall.

Vertical gardens are a modern take on the traditional privacy screen and are often compiled of numerous potted plants and vines to create a striking green and colourful arrangement that provides shade and privacy to your backyard. Many vertical gardens can be done DIY, or you can have one professionally created to suit your high-end home. Vertical gardens are very practical as well—they provide you the ability to grow a wider selection of plants in a more confined space. Due to the incorporation of so many natural materials, green walls will improve your air quality and will help to reduce your carbon footprint. For a sustainable, creative and noise absorbing privacy screen try a vertical garden or green wall with your plants of choice.

Layered materials.

The denser your choice in materials are, the more effective your privacy will be. For example, masonry bricks, stone or concrete privacy walls are by far the most effective when it comes to blocking traffic noise or disruptive heavy machinery sounds. Surrounding your entire property with a solid fence is ideal for giving you a fantastic level of privacy, however, there are height restrictions which means adjacent neighbours in two-storey homes may still be able to see you in your backyard. Therefore, opting for a combination of a solid boundary fence and high-end outdoor screens will really improve the overall liveability of your home.

concrete privacy wall for modern home design

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