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Are Motorised Blinds Worth it?

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Queensland is renowned for experiencing some wild weather patterns! This may be why you’re considering installing outdoor blinds and/or outdoor screens at your home to increase your freedom to continue with your planned events despite the unpredictable weather.

Outdoor blinds and outdoor screens are the ideal way to protect your outdoor living areas from the elements. There’s nothing worse than expensive furniture and floors being ruined by rain, UV rays or strong winds. Also, if you regularly host family events, BBQs with friends or even business functions at your home, such weather can really disrupt your important plans. Outdoor motorised blinds allow you to easily keep the harsh weather out, they will add privacy to your home, and even level-up the security of your outdoor area without obstructing your view.


Types of Outdoor Blinds

Motorised PVC Café Blinds

The ideal way to have a 100% clear view of the outside is by using café blinds. They are perfect if you don’t want your view of a vista or garden to be blocked, but still require protection from harsh weather conditions. We sell PVC outdoor blinds that are made from highly durable and high-quality PVC plastic which will elevate the style of your outdoor living area too. With PVC café outdoor blinds, you can have a completely unrestricted view of your yard or the surrounding scenery in your area, as there are no ropes, straps, pullies or stitching to hinder your view. These outdoor blinds provide 20+ SPF protection from the sun while also protecting you from uncomfortable gusts of wind.

Motorised Shade Blinds

Motorised shade blinds are a great solution if you have a problem with direct sunlight. Shade outdoor blinds don’t block your view completely but still cut UV rays by 95%. They are one of the more popular types of outdoor blinds, and are ideal for your pergola, gazebo or patio. Automatic or manual opening mechanisms are available—and light sensors can be added that
will allow you to automatically adjust your blinds with ease.

Motorised Zip Screens

If you are looking for the ideal patio shading option; while at the same time you’re seeking a reliable barrier to protect you from harsh weather and insects—then zip screens are ideal. They have specially designed tracks that the fabric is locked within which prevents unwanted light or insects from entering an area. In addition, zip screens can serve as a block blind on your patio when combined with block out fabric.

Motorised External Plantation Shutters

Our line of External Plantation shutters has been designed to provide you with a robust and stylish privacy solution. These versatile shutters provide you with the flexibility you need to maximise the livability of your outdoor area without any sacrifices. Ideal for enclosing both patios and balconies, they not only look fantastic, but provide weather protection and privacy as
well and allow you to enjoy an alfresco area in all seasons.

Motorised Retractable Awnings

This type of awning is mounted onto a wall and then extended out to cover a patio, deck or other outdoor area as needed. In this respect, they act as a kind of roofing—when you aren’t using them—they retract away safely inside their slimline housing compartment. They are also available in a variety of patterns, colours and fabrics.

Motorised External Venetian Blinds

Exterior venetian blinds are a highly efficient shading system that controls the amount of light coming into the room. They are also a great addition to any building’s architectural design providing a modern/contemporary look. External venetians suit both commercial and residential locations, and fit most vertical windows, facades and large vertical glass surfaces. They protect against both temperature and UV rays, keeping as much as 80-90% of sun rays outside. The rays are reflected and dispersed, protecting the room from overheating as well as protecting the furnishings from fading. The tilt angle can easily be altered to obtain the desired shade level.


Motorised Retractable Screen Applications

Screened Porches, Patios, and Balconies

Motorised screens can enclose and transform any outdoor space with the push of a button. Make your patio, porch, balcony, or gazebo the ideal summer relaxation spot with adjustable screens. Don’t let stationary screens restrict you—when you could have the best of both worlds. Give your home an upgraded and stylish feature that will be the envy of your friends and

Garage Door Screens

The garage is a multi-use space: car parking, storage, workshop, and much more. Add even more versatility to your garage with a motorised screen. Work on those home improvement projects in privacy and with full ventilation. Air out the garage after a long winter without leaving it open to the elements. Turn your garage into an enclosed leisure space for family fun. Get
creative, and get the most out of the most underrated part of your home with garage door screens.

Four-Season Rooms

Don’t stop using your patio just because the weather changes ever again. Motorised outdoor screens offer a variety of options for any season. Utilise them to enjoy the summer breeze without irritating pests. Lower them to protect you and your family from autumn winds and spring showers. Install them if you’re seeking additional privacy during your outdoor dining plans, or while soaking in the hot tub on a cold winter’s night. Retractable screens are as close as you can get to being able to control Mother Nature with the press of a button.

Privacy Screens

Retractable motorised outdoor screens offer privacy from prying eyes and help put your mind at ease. Sunbathe, wash the dog, work on home improvement projects, or simply read a good book in peace thanks to your outdoor screens. Enjoy an enclosed space with fresh ventilation and easy to access airflow. When you’re ready to let the world in again, simply raise them back

Weather Protection

No one can predict the weather, but you don’t have to when you have motorised outdoor screens. Use them to take refuge from chilly autumn winds or the blazing hot summer sun. Easily alter them with the press of a button to follow the changing angle of the sun over the course of the day. If you find yourself constantly adjusting their height and this frustrates you—consider motorised outdoor screens with sun sensors for automatic adjustment. The weather is no longer your enemy, thanks to retractable motorised screens.

Insect Protection

Everyone loves summer but hates the bugs that come with the warm weather. Enjoy the warmth and refreshing summer breeze without an invasion of pests. These screens are especially useful for evening meals. Do not let mosquitoes and other insects disrupt your meal time again. Keep out flies, bees, wasps, snakes, possums or any other pest from your private space.


Motorised Screen Features

Motorised Outdoor Screen Sizes

Our motorised retractable screens fit openings up to 8 metres wide—which is the largest outdoor screen available on the market. They can be customised to your home and fit to any doorway, window, or aperture seamlessly. The motorised screens can be surface mounted or recessed, depending on your preference and home. Customisation, from installation to use, is
completely in your hands.

Motorised Outdoor Screen Tracks

Our Motion Screens operate on parallel tracks that run down the sides of the opening. The screens are weighted at the bottom to ensure they don’t deviate from their course. We can
install these tracks on the surface or hidden in the walls. Our Motion Screens also can be installed with cables when tracks are not a good option. Feel free to ask a member of our knowledgeable team if you have any questions about how motorised screens work.

Match Your Style

Our Motion Screens add beauty and technological automation to your home. The best screens blend into your decor so well that they are practically invisible. There are many styles to choose from to make sure that your home or business retains its distinguished look. The screen’s frame is available in many colour options and can be matched to your home.

Motorised Outdoor Screen Automation

The best part about our retractable screens is their advanced automation. Control your screens through a wall mounted remote, a handheld controller, or an app on your smartphone. Screens are available with wind and sun sensors so you are always comfortable and protected from the elements without any effort. Motorised screens can be added to most existing home automation systems, please contact one of our representatives for more information.


Motorised Outdoor Screens and Blinds:


Our certified dealers install motorised blinds and screens with care for your home. Our technicians respect your home and leave it exactly the way they found it—without making a mess for you to clean up post installation. The installation process is different for every home, so please ask us any questions you may have about the procedure. You can trust that we will install your new, beautiful retractable screens correctly and on the specified installation day.


Benefits of outdoor blinds and outdoor screens

Below, we discuss just a few of the benefits of installing motorised outdoor blinds for your home and business.


Commercial Benefits of Outdoor Blinds
Year-round Use

One of the many benefits of installing outdoor roller or café blinds, is the opportunity it gives commercial property owners to use spaces all year round. Outdoor dining, cocktail parties or important business luncheons don’t only have to be reserved for the summer months. Installing café blinds in your outdoor area allows you to have any type of function at any time of the year, no matter the weather! In the summer months, the blinds will offer the shade you need without the stuffiness of having your function inside.

Advertising on the Blinds

Another advantage to installing cafe blinds at your business is the advertising possibilities they provide. You can choose company colours or have your restaurant or company branding printed on the outside of the blinds.

This will serve as an eye-catching reminder to passing traffic of what products or services you provide. For example if your restaurant is situated in an area where traffic volumes are significantly high in the afternoons, it would be a great way to encourage people to stop for dinner!

Serves as Pest Control

Restaurants take every possible precaution to ensure no insects are scurrying around while patrons sit inside their establishment. However, there’s only so much you can do about flies. Luckily, another marvellous advantage of café blinds is that they can keep insects out of your outdoor dining area to help you remain compliant with QLD health and safety measures.

Adds Value to Your Property

Ultimately, any additions to your commercial property add to the resale price. Should you ever wish to sell that particular property, or even lease it to a different tenant, café blinds make for a wonderful selling feature! Our experts can recommend the ideal option for you which aligns with your current aesthetic features to visually enhance your business rather than detract from it.


Home Benefits of Motorised Outdoor Blinds

It can be a common misconception that motorised blinds are actually dangerous for children. This is because, generally speaking, mechanical and electrical objects can be intimidating if you aren’t aware of their construction details. When it comes to child-safety, motorised blinds completely eliminate any chance of a child being injured by cords. Remote controls can be safely stored in a hard-to-reach area such as a high table or it can be mounted to the wall.


Blinds protect your interior furnishings and surfaces from the bleaching effects of sunlight. Additionally, blinds can absorb heat to help keep your home cool in the summer months and will prevent your windows from overheating. External blinds used on a pergola or veranda will protect your outdoor furniture from extreme elements. Conveniently, outdoor motorised blinds will also provide protection from the cold in winter, and prevent flies and mosquitoes from interrupting your summer entertaining.

Safety and Security

If you have high or very large windows with blinds, opening and closing them can be tricky and often requires additional tools such as ladders or reaching poles. Motorised blinds eliminate the need for extra effort and are cordless which is beneficial if there are children around. Motorised external blinds can improve home security when you operate them on a timer, putting off intruders by making it look like you’re at home.


No matter how well you get on with your neighbours, you don’t need them to be overlooking every dinner party or interrupting your relaxation time. Outdoor blinds can restore your privacy, creating a space you are free to enjoy without spectators.


Motorised outdoor blinds are available in a wide variety of colours and styles so you can choose a design that complements your external architecture. A modern blind can instantly give the outside of your home a facelift, make an outside dining area feel cosier or create an interesting garden feature with vibrant colours.

Transform Your Space

Not just for covering windows, your motorised outdoor blinds can be closed with the touch of a button to turn your outdoor entertaining space into an outdoor room. The outdoor room becomes an extension of your home and can be decorated accordingly—and best of all, it can be enjoyed all year round!

Ease of Use

Moving your blinds has never been easier. With complete control at the touch of a button on your remote or smartphone, a motorised blind allows you to instantly change the look, atmosphere and privacy level of your space without any heavy lifting or messy chains and unsightly fixings.


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