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Best blinds and tips to beat the heat!

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The Australian summer can be a scorcher! Despite the beautiful, clear skies that accompany our summer days; the associated heat and humidity can at times become unbearable. If you find yourself feeling uncomfortably hot for the entire duration of summer, there are measures you can take to keep the heat out in a sustainable and cost-effective manner. These hot tips don’t involve excessively using your air conditioning and racking up a huge energy bill either!

Save on your power bills by installing some heat reducing indoor and outdoor blinds, by Phantom Screens. Utilising high-quality indoor and outdoor screens, awnings or shutters at your place of residence, will allow you to gain maximum temperature control all-year-round. Whether you have an entire home that needs cohesive and practical interior blinds or an outdoor entertaining area that you want closed-in, Phantom Screens has it all.

Phantom Screens stocks the largest motorised screens available in Australia—so if you have an expansive outdoor area that needs outdoor blinds, contact Phantom Screens today.

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Firstly, keep your blinds closed.

This may seem simple, but it’s proven that 30% of unwanted heat radiates from your windows. So, regardless of what style of indoor or outdoor blinds you choose, keep them closed to reduce the extreme heat penetrating your glass window during the harsh Queensland summer. If you have all your window coverings open and the glass exposed, essentially you are turning your home into a small greenhouse per se. Avoid this by simply keeping them closed as much as
possible during the hotter months.

Install auto-awnings.

The most energy efficient way to keep heat out of your home is to prevent the UV rays from hitting your glass windows in the first place; to halt the initial formation of excessive heat. Auto-awnings are fixed to the exterior of your home to cover window openings. They are heat reflective and will provide your home with maximum protection from heat and UV rays. Exterior awnings are often made from high-quality acrylic canvas or sunscreening fabric and are surprisingly very simple to install. They are available in a range of varying colours and fabrics and will make a stylish addition to any home.

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Aluminium shutters, the popular choice.

Shutters are one of the most popular choices for Queensland residents as they create an actual physical barrier on your windows that will reflect the sun and slow the transference of heat through the glass. The material aluminium is a smart choice as it is renowned for being heat resistant which aids in reducing the need to run your air conditioner overtime in your home. High-quality aluminium shutters block the heat as it hits your windows, thereby reducing heat in your home by up to 90%. Aluminium shutters also aid in keeping heat inside in the cooler months, so they’re a popular yet cost-effective choice for all-year-round energy saving.

Double roller blinds.

Classic double roller blinds combine a block out and sun filter fabric on a dual bracket (which is essentially two blinds in one) to provide complete coverage. The fabric layer closest to the window will welcome some light into your home but will also maintain your privacy. Whereas the block out fabric will completely block out light into your home which aids substantially in reducing the heat levels in your home. On the hottest days, ensure you utilise the block out element of your double roller blinds, and on the cooler days use the sheer or sunscreen fabric only to create the perfect balance of light and temperature control.

For all your blinds, awnings and shutters needs (for both indoor and outdoor use)—contact Phantom Screens for a free in-home measure and quote and ongoing consultation to find the perfect solution specific to your home. Phantom Screens has installed countless privacy and heat control blinds that have helped lower the power bills of thousands of valued Queensland
customers since 1996!

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