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Blinds, curtains or shutters? Your ultimate guide to window coverings.

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Whether you are a homeowner, builder or renovator—deciding on the ultimate indoor and outdoor window coverings can be a daunting task. Here we have deconstructed what’s available on the market in the realm of outdoor screens, outdoor blinds, indoor window coverings and large open area exterior blinds to successfully guide you through the decision-making process; in a market flooded with countless options. It’s important to always choose a brand that prides itself on quality and customer satisfaction to avoid making costly mistakes. Phantom Screens has a large clientele spanning from the Gold Coast to the Sunshine Coast because Phantom Screens understands the demands and desires of Queensland based customers more than any other blind and window covering specialist in Australia.

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Blinds are defined as ‘hard’ window and door coverings available in both indoor and outdoor blinds options. Most blinds feature flats or vanes controlled with a manual pull cord or chain to offer privacy and even added security to your residence. Phantom Screens offer a variety of high-quality blinds constructed to last for the interior and exterior of your home. Popular Phantom Screens styles include roller blinds, vision blinds, Venetian blinds, Roman blinds, vertical blinds and panel glide blinds.

Why choose outdoor blinds?

Outdoor blinds

Outdoor blinds offer the ideal way to control the level of light you allow to enter your outdoor entertaining area; and they also allow you to tweak your view to the outdoors (from full exposure to fully closed-off) to perfectly suit your lifestyle. If you value complete privacy and shade, this is easily achievable—if you prefer a clear view of your yard to keep an eye on your children playing, while staying cool—Phantom Blinds can create this ideal outdoor area for you with a range of durable outdoor blinds.

Effective outdoor blinds will allow you to keep bugs and creepy crawlies out of your area and will provide you with adequate natural airflow in your space when needed. Utilising outdoor blinds will also allow you to maximise your outdoor area by creating more utilisable space in your home through the incorporation of outdoor blinds made from weatherproof materials that are built to withstand harsh weather conditions. Phantom Screens offers expert installation on all outdoor blinds which are retractable and simple-to-use. Phantom Screens offers the largest motorised screen on the market which is ideal for those with large outdoor areas with expansive openings.

Indoor blinds

Vertical and venetian blinds are ideal for interior spaces which are high traffic areas, because they are the ideal style to frequently open and close. They are highly functional, extremely durable and are ideal for areas within the home such as the kitchen, living and dining area. If privacy is your main concern, opt for roller blinds or double roller blinds in areas such as the bedroom or nursery—as these designs offer unmatched privacy in more cherished areas of the home. Both indoor and outdoor blinds are far easier to clean and care for than curtains as once installed all you need to do is wipe the blinds slats over with a damp cloth to remove dust and grime.

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Curtains are the ultimate soft furnishing—they allow you to soften a space to create a relaxed and inviting home environment. Curtains are available in a range of varying colours and materials which can be customised to suit the design of your home. If you’re wanting the block-out effect or privacy curtains for a bedroom or media room—this can be achieved through the utilisation of high-quality, dense curtains.

Why choose curtains?

If you’re wanting to allow light into your home but also want an element of privacy—this can also be achieved through utilising the right curtains. You can opt to have a combination of curtains and blinds so you can achieve full block out privacy; or utilise a more transparent curtain to allow light in your space while still minimising unwanted glare.

The options with curtains are endless depending on the look you want to achieve within your space. Curtains are best suited for interior use in areas such as the living room, dining room, bedroom and nursery. Curtains aren’t as streamline or easy to clean as blinds, so they are best suited for areas within the home which aren’t heavily utilised such as the kitchen. Just like blinds, a heavier style curtain will minimise harsh UV light from penetrating through your windows and into your home which will protect your furnishings and carpet/flooring from fading.

outdoor shutters


Shutters are a timeless addition to any home and are considered a high-end window covering which originated in large estate homes throughout Europe and America. With shutters you have the freedom to easily regulate sunshine and the direction of light in your home with easy-to-use rotating louvers.

Why choose shutters?

Shutters are often available in two dominant materials—wood or aluminium. Aluminium shutters are considered highly durable, extremely long-lasting and can aid significantly in increasing privacy and security in your home. Aluminium shutters tend to have a higher price tag; however, they are considered an investment for your home as they often increase the value of your property. Wood shutters are less durable and not ideal in wet areas of the home like bathrooms or kitchens. With shutters, you are able to customise the hinge placement, to ensure they open in the most practical way for your home’s functionality.

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