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Enhance your home by adding a pool house with outdoor screens.

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In Australian homes—the pool area is a space that is heavily utilised for most of the year, as we enjoy long summers with magnificent sunny days even in the cooler months. If you have a reasonable sized backyard you may have been considering adding a pool to your home in order to enhance your lifestyle and the visual appeal of your outdoor area.

If you already have a pool but your backyard is still looking quite lacklustre, something to consider is enhancing your backyard by adding a pool house next to your pre-existing pool. Adding a pool house to your home will create a frenzy of interest from potential buyers if you’re looking at listing your home for sale in the near future. Alternatively, if you are in the midst of renovating your forever home, building the home of your dreams, or you just want to revamp your outdoor area in general—adding a pool house will take your home to that next level of resort style luxury and will leave a lasting impression on all your guests.

Adding a pool house may seem like a major renovation that is costly and a huge commitment in the grand scheme; but in reality, a pool house can actually range anywhere from a complex structure with facilities and numerous multipurpose spaces to a more simplified cabana style. Both options provide the ideal space to change your clothes or seek some shade/privacy in when entertaining or hosting a pool day. Regardless of what level of pool house you incorporate into your Australian home, this will undoubtedly increase the overall value, comfortability and appeal of your home. This ultimately means pool houses provide benefits all round—for the buyer, seller and owner.

Why add a pool house?

Most pool houses provide a level of convenience for homeowners as they create a dedicated space to store all the supplies that go along with owning and using a pool. This can include maintenance items such as pool covers, cleaning tools, salts and chlorine etc. and more leisure-based pool items such as, inflatables, swimming aids, surf boards, snorkels and fins, goggles, towels and much more. Pool houses provide a space where visitors can change into their swimwear in private; without the need to enter your main home. If you invest in adding a bathroom to your pool house this means no one will ever need to run through your home wet in order to use the bathroom during a pool day. A pool house allows you to keep your guests completely outside of your main home which gives you privacy and makes the clean-up far more manageable; especially if you are hosting a party. It’s proven that when adding a pool house to your home, it’s common for homeowners to recoup all of what was spent on designing and building the pool house when they sell. Keep in mind that when adding any additional dwellings to your property you should consult a certified professional and ensure all building codes relevant to your area are adhered to.

pool house outdoor screen
outdoor blinds gold coast on deck

Pool house building and design tips.

If you have decided to build a pool house, ensure that your design plan shows the pool house is the prescribed distance away from the pool to ensure your build is compliant. From a design perspective, when building a pool house, it’s a good idea to aesthetically follow your home’s architecture or building design theme. Ensure your pool house design integrates seamlessly with your main residence—and give it style, lines and proportions that have synergy with those of the main house. The main purpose of a pool house is to keep guests outside of your main home, so ensure your pool house design is fitted with all the essentials such as extra towels, a fridge (for food and drinks) and enough dishware to cater for the needs of all guests. If your budget allows, adding a bathroom with a toilet, sink and shower, will allow for ultimate comfort for your guests who want to rinse off after a swim.

Don’t forget to include ample storage space in your pool house design plan to effectively store all your pool gear (which can at times be visually unappealing in a design conscious space). Include adequate shelves, cabinets and benchtops to aid in keeping your pool house clutter free. Keeping your space minimal will allow for more space when entertaining too! Complete your pool house with an appropriate amount of seating and leave adequate space for additional tables and furniture pieces such as coffee tables and stools to create the ultimate entertainment venue. If you are wanting some luxurious finishing touches—ensure you have electricity in your pool house so you can use a TV, sound system, kitchen cooking appliances and Wi-Fi to make entertaining more
memorable in your space.

Save substantially with outdoor screens over glass panels.

The average cost of a pool house in Australia can range between $5000 – $30,000. As the definition of a pool house is extremely flexible, the price of pool houses can vary dramatically depending on your choice of structure, build and design strategy. For example, if you are wishing to create a pool house that is fully cohesive with your existing home design; one that is architecturally designed with multiple rooms, which may include plumbing and electricity too—this may exceed this estimated range substantially. However, if your budget is more fixed there are still many options for you when it comes to building a luxurious pool house. For a more simplified pool house, opt for one that has a singular expansive main room and maybe some storage nooks rather than multiple rooms, as this will be far more affordable and will take up less floor space on your property. A main element that can skyrocket the cost of building pool house structures is the incorporation of glass panels, glass doors or expansive glass windows to enclose the area.

Cut the cost of your pool house dramatically by utilising outdoor screens or outdoor blinds to enclose your space instead or glass. Outdoor screens and outdoor blinds are the ultimate edition to any pool house and offer an affordable alternative to glass windows and doors. They can have just as much visual appeal than their expensive counterpart too! Investing in a beautiful and well-designed single multipurpose room pool house that integrates nicely with your existing property is more cost effective than the luxurious fully enclosed, multi-room, second
dwelling option. The open and airy design element is what makes a pool house so appealing too, as a pool house allows you to connect indoor and outdoor living. Once you have built your open dwelling pool house, add high-quality, motorised outdoor screens which will allow you to control the weather and privacy of this space all year round. This will also save you thousands of dollars on the end costs of your new pool house dwelling. Outdoor screens and outdoor blinds are available in a range of different materials such as mesh, vinyl and fabric and are available in recessed or surface mounted options. Phantom Screens can match your chosen outdoor screens frame to your pool house, or you can choose from one of their signature colours or wood grain finishes that will work with your design strategy.

outdoor blinds
outdoor blinds

Benefits of enclosing your pool house with outdoor screens.

It has already been established how enclosing your pool house with outdoor screens is far more cost effective than glass doors or security screens. For anyone on a strict budget or who wants to get the most for less for their outdoor area—outdoor screens and outdoor blinds are the only reasonable choice for your pool house. All Phantom Screens outdoor screens can be retro-fitted to existing dwellings, homes and pool houses—so if you are wanting to enclose your existing cabana or pool house this can be easily done. Outdoor screens and outdoor blinds allow you to reap the functionality benefits of conventional screens, but they are designed in a manner which means they will disappear when you don’t require them, with a simple push of a button.

Connect with nature with outdoor screens.

Pool houses are mostly used to entertain guests, for storage, for added convenience, and as a general hang out space that combines indoor and outdoor living. Adding outdoor screens and outdoor blinds to a space of this nature increases access to natural light and airflow to create a more comfortable and healthier environment to congregate in. Such outdoor screens have heat and glare reduction capacities which provide shelter from glare and direct sunlight from solar reflective structures—this means you can entertain even when the sun is at its harshest!

outdoor blind connects you with nature
outdoor space with outdoor screens around pool

Save on energy bills!

Regardless of whether you have chosen to include electricity in your pool house; the ultimate goal for most is to reduce energy usage in general—which is exactly what outdoor screens and outdoor blinds allow you to do. Outdoor blinds and outdoor screens will stop the heat before it passes into your pool house and will help regulate your interior temperature. During the colder months heat is lost through windows and glass doors, so by closing your pool house outdoor blinds you can reduce heat loss which is ideal for those who want to entertain comfortably.

Add outdoor screens to your pool house on their own or collectively with your glass windows and doors. Regardless of your choice and budget, outdoor screens or outdoor blinds of any nature will help increase the functionality and design aspect of your pool house.

What’s the difference between a pergola and pool house?

Pergolas were traditionally built to support climbing plants such as grapevine and ivy but have evolved over time into a series of structures designed for outdoor relaxation and leisurely use. Pergolas historically were designed to connect with your backyard and it’s not uncommon to find pergolas built without roofs, but instead incorporating foliage and greenery to shield you from the sun. Pergolas are an area where you can dine and entertain but generally when you’re utilising your pergola it will feel more part of your outdoor living area rather than feeling more like a comfortable extension of your home.

pergola with dark outdoor roller blinds
outdoor space with outdoor screens

Design aspects of pool houses.

Pool houses on the other hand are a more luxurious outdoor dwelling which are often built to mirror the architecture or design strategy chosen for the main residence. Pool houses are more structurally sound than a pergola and come fit with a solid roof. Some pool houses are complete with kitchen facilities, bathrooms and even a guest room. Some pool houses are fully enclosed like a traditional house and others are fit with retractable outdoor screens or outdoor blinds to create a private space that is still very connected with the outdoors. Ultimately, pool houses were designed to provide a private residence / dwelling adjacent to your pool to cater for tasks related to swimming and entertaining.

Looking to enhance your home?

If you are looking to build a pool house, pergola or to enhance your pre-existing outdoor area, Phantom Screens has a team of certified professionals that can work closely with you to ensure your outdoor space is enclosed with the highest quality, market leading outdoor screens or outdoor blinds. Phantom Screens has an impressive range of stylish outdoor screens and outdoor blinds that are fully retractable and can be fit to in-swing or out-swing. Whether you need single, double, slider or French door fits—Phantom Screens has it all. Phantom Screens also supply the largest motorised screen available, which is perfect for those with expansive outdoor pool houses or outdoor spaces. For expertly installed, fully retractable outdoor screens that suit any style and purpose, contact Phantom Screens today for an obligation free quote and design advice. If you want to create the perfect entertainment venue, that will promote healthy living and an active social life for you and your family, install outdoor screens or outdoor blinds. Create a fully utilisable outdoor environment that is comfortable, stylish, weatherproof and free from insects and creepy crawlies—with Phantom Screens.

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