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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Motorised Outdoor/Indoor Blinds and Screens.

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Home automation is becoming the norm throughout Australia, which is why motorised outdoor screens and blinds have skyrocketed in popularity over the past 2 years. If you’re looking to update the window and door coverings around your home—opt for the convenient automated option that doesn’t require you to get up and manually open or close your blinds ever again.

Are you residing in South East Queensland which is prone to unpredictable and at times harsh weather patterns? Are you considering installing outdoor blinds and outdoor screens at your home or business location?

At Phantom Screens, we have market leading options for motorised outdoor blinds and outdoor screens that can fully cater to your practicality and design specifications. We have taken the liberty to answer all your burning questions in one convenient blog—to ensure you can make the ultimate informed decision regarding your outdoor blinds and outdoor screen upgrades.


What are motorised blinds?

Motorised outdoor blinds are the future of home automation. Simply put, motorised blinds open and close on their own. You don’t need to get up, or even enter the room! They use a quiet electric motor to lift or tilt the blinds as required.


How do motorised blinds work?

Some motorised outdoor blinds operate on a timer, others with a push of a button—and some have unique sensors that increase energy efficiency by automatically adjusting motorised blinds congruent with rising temperatures. All of these designs come with manual control options as well—which means you can open or close them with a push of a button so you can have as much or as little light in the room as you want. As a bonus, their cordless designs make them a safer choice for homes with children or pets.


How long do motorised blinds last?

As there’s no need for harsh tugging, no strings for pets or children to play with, and you’re not required to keep manually straightening the slats—motorised blinds are highly reliable and can last far longer than traditional window treatments. The average window treatment can last 3-10 years, depending on usage and the frequency of maintenance. However, motorised blinds last 5-15 years, on average—subsequent to use. So, depending on how often you are using your blinds or shades will determine their longevity. If they’re battery operated, then the battery will need to be changed periodically (which is a simple process)—there are many options for electric motors too for added convenience.


Are motorised blinds worth it?

Yes! Motorised blinds are no way a techy gimmick that you’ll never use—they’re convenient, efficient, and designed to save you money. Motorised blinds even increase the value of your home—which is another important factor as to why they are worth investing in. They are absolutely ideal for homes with taller or hard to reach windows too—as sometimes they can be impossible to manually operate.

For regular windows, motorised blind are extremely efficient. For instance, here on the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, or South East Queensland—household heat loss and heat gain mean everything during the summer and winter months. Most people like to start their day by opening up the blinds in their home but may forget or be too rushed to close them by noon—which means the summer heat will overpower your space and therefore your air-conditioner will be working overtime.

Beyond the heat—UV rays can quickly fade your furniture, floors and wall art. Motorised blinds are the best barrier available to combat heat and UV rays from overtaking your home. Many Phantom Screens customers quickly notice the positive impact motorised blinds have on their energy bills too. This is because during summer they work effortlessly to block out the heat and keep you cool; then in the winter they work as another layer of insulation which keeps the heat in. You can conveniently close them with a push of a button, or even better—you can completely automate them to suit your lifestyle.

Automated options are completely programmable, which means you can set the blinds to open or close at particular times of the day which is a cost-effective way to heighten the luxurious look and feel of your home.


Do motorised blinds look good?

If you put motorised blinds and traditional blinds side-by-side—there is almost no difference from a stylistic standpoint. One aspect you might observe is that the motorised blinds are cordless. Depending on your chosen style there may be a low profile bulkhead on the motorised blinds but this is virtually indistinguishable. With motorised blinds there is no exposed motor, no unsightly or oversized parts, and no huge visual difference between the two—other than the lack of cords to raise or lower them. Automated and motorised blinds of course come in a wide variety of styles and transparency levels too. Phantom Screens motorised blinds are completely customisable to fit your style and your needs perfectly. They’ll look just as good, if not better than the traditional options—that’s guaranteed.


Are motorised blinds expensive?

At Phantom Screens we have motorised blind options for every style and budget. In general, they’re more affordable than you may think! It all depends on what exactly you want for your home’s window coverings. That’s where our design experts come in. We offer design consultations that allow you to find the perfect solution for your home and your budget. That means finding the right motorised option that aligns with both your everyday needs and budget. Enquire today to take the first step towards your home automation journey. To receive more information and the most accurate estimate for your home, please contact us at tel:0424228266 or


Are motorised blinds difficult to fit?

Our range of powered blinds require no more effort to fit than your standard manual blinds. The powered options listed simply require a plug-in connection process which is quick and seamless. The motor is pre-programmed to stop your blind in the correct upper and lower positions—which make the installation process as simple as possible.


Can I control my motorised blind with a wall switch and remote handset?

Yes. It is possible to combine a wall switch and remote handset to control your motorised blinds. In fact, you can pair up to 12 different controls to the same motor, so you can add multiple controls to your powered blind for added convenience.


How long will the battery charge last for roller blinds?

The battery lifetime will depend on the type chosen, the size of the blind and the number of times it is operated each day. As a guideline, an average sized window roller blind (1.2M wide x 1.2M high) operated through 1 x Up/Down cycle a day should last between 4 – 6 months (Simplicity) or 6 – 9 months (Fully Customisable).


How long will the battery last in the wall switch or remote handset?

The battery in the wall switch or remote handset should last approximately 3 years with normal use (2 commands per day).


Will I only be able to choose from a limited set of styles and materials?

The style options for motorised blinds at Phantom Screens is extremely vast. There are countless off-the-shelf options along with the opportunity to completely customise your order to fit the style of your home. At Phantom Screens, you will in no way be stylistically limited when selecting your motorised blinds.

Do motorised shades really save energy?

Yes! For example, integrated with sunlight sensors in a home automation system, they can
automatically close and keep heat out in summer. In winter, the shades can be triggered to open
at sunny times of day to warm a room reducing the need to turn on heating or cooling.

Are motorised blinds hard to clean?

One of the most common misconceptions that we hear is that motorised blinds are hard to clean. Of course, that isn’t true, motorised blinds are just as easy to care for as any other blind on the market. Typically, you can care for your motorised blinds with routine maintenance like:

  • Dusting
  • Vacuuming (on a low setting)
  • Spot Cleaning

What are the benefits of outdoor motorised screens?

Phantom Screens, motorised screens can add a modern touch to your home, yard or office. They are affordable, easy to install and have a sleek, modern design. External privacy screens can be attached to buildings or fences and offer increased privacy for you from your neighbours. Phantom Screens have the largest outdoor motorised screens available on the market—which means no outdoor space is too large for a high-quality motorised screen.

What is a retractable screen?

Retractable screens—shade the opening of windows and doorways, providing a cooler environment that is shielded from the sun, whilst they aid in adding additional privacy to your home or outdoor area. They can also serve as a transparent barrier between you and the
outside which is great for providing protection from insects without hindering your view. Retractable screens are a great way to protect patios, porches, decks, and any outdoor area where they can be adhered too. Our retractable screen options ensure you can enjoy your
space all year long in a safe and comfortable manner.

We also offer commercial retractable screens for business use. Our motorised enclosures are just as easy to use for your business as they are for your home. Enquire today for your custom quote.

How do retractable screens work?

Once your exterior window screens are installed, we guarantee there will be no confusion on how to maintain or operate your motorised screens due to their highly simplistic functionality. Using our straightforward remote, you can easily point and click to see your shades ascend and descend on their own. As the screen goes upwards, the fibreglass fabric neatly retracts around itself leaving a seamless look no matter its position. We have designed our remote to be accessible to everyone—regardless of your age or technological savviness, we are confident that all can operate a Phantom Screens retractable screen for sun and wind protection with ease. Our expert team will ensure that you are familiar with the functions of your retractable screen prior to leaving the install—and we are always more than happy to answer any additional questions.


How much do retractable screens cost?

Our pricing is based on the size and quantity of windows and entryways you need to have installed. To receive more information and the most accurate estimate for your home, please contact us at tel:0424228266 or

How long do retractable screens last?

When traditional solar screens for windows, doors, or other structures are properly installed, you can expect them to last approx 10 years or more. Our retractable exterior window screens (or roll-up sun screens) are capable of lasting up to 30 years as long as they are taken care of appropriately and rolled up when they are not in use.

Can I leave the blinds down on windy days?

Phantom Screens, motorised outdoor screens and blinds are trusted by thousands of Australian homes and businesses to provide an enjoyable outdoor living space. The strong and robust system is commonly installed throughout coastal regions and locations prone to high winds. In windy conditions, blinds should be left down and locked, or fully retracted—keeping them in the halfway position makes them most vulnerable to damage. During severe weather events, your blinds should be fully retracted.

What are the maximum dimensions for Phantom Screens outdoor blinds?

The recommended maximum dimensions for our blinds is 8000mm wide by 5000mm high when using Sunscreens or Mesh options. Or 5500mm wide by 3000mm high when using our clear PVC. Our components including the top tube, spring and bottom bar are upgraded in size depending on the project, and therefore the strength increases, as the blind design becomes larger. This allows the motorised system to perform ideally regardless of the size—which is why we have sizes to cater up to openings up to 8 metres wide while still providing ease-of-use and superior wind performance.

How are Phantom Screens outdoor blinds different from other brands?

Phantom Screens is a brand of outdoor track guided blinds, protected under patent in Australia which is why customers should check whether they are purchasing a genuine Phantom Screen system prior to committing to their purchase. Phantom Screens is the leading brand of outdoor blinds in Queensland, with a range of differences that set them apart from competitors, which combined, make a considerable difference in the operation and longevity of your system. Phantom Screens is the trusted solution by thousands of households and businesses around the world, demanding a robust, long-lasting and easy-to-use motorised outdoor blind. Only Phantom Screens have blinds which consist of a centre-lock-release, which allows you to unlock both the left and right locks simultaneously from the middle. We are also the only system that allows you to lock and unlock the blind from both the inside and outside.

Phantom Screens also have a unique method for attaching the blind material to the vertical tracks. We only utilise the finest materials with exceptional engineering and a patented design. Our system has a strong reputation within the industry, and is often imitated but never duplicated. Our design commitment results in a secure hold, even with minor house movement and wind pressure on the fabric.

What colours are available in outdoor blinds?

In terms of the blind material, there are two categories; shade or PVC. Your local retailer will be able to offer you a range of blind material options, in different colours and degrees of visibility, to complement your structure, décor and outdoor furniture. The colour of the Phantom Screens system componentry (pelmet, bottom bar and vertical tracks) is also customised to your individual requirements. A standard range of COLORBOND colours are also available for powder-coating the componentry to complement your building (roof, gutters, alfresco area). Additionally, you can custom select practically any colour for powder-coating, although this generally adds cost compared to selecting from the standard range.


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