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How to create the ideal indoor-outdoorentertainment area.

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Having a fully utilisable indoor-outdoor entertainment area within your home is the perfect way to entertain guests in a comfortable manner all year round. Beautiful Australian weather needs to be capitalised on—which is why Phantom Screens can help you create the most phenomenal and multifunctional entertainment area; through incorporating the highest quality outdoor screens and outdoor blinds in your design concept. If you’re hosting a family gathering or dinner party with friends, a luxurious indoor-outdoor entertainment area will promote a feeling of openness and freedom. This has proven to completely transform the atmosphere for guests and improve their overall satisfaction with the event.

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Invest in sheltering your outdoor space.

A key element in creating your ultimate indoor-outdoor entertainment area is of course having an adequate sheltered area that can be enclosed with outdoor screens and outdoor blinds.Many homes already have a sheltered outdoor area that is perfect to adhere Phantom Screens too, however if you don’t—this can very easily be created. Install a patio or pergola in your outdoor area which is strategically erected adjacent to your open plan kitchen or main living/dining area. Creating this sheltered extension to your home is a fantastic investment; as you’re essentially adding an additional fully utilisable area to your existing floor plan. An indoor-outdoor entertainment space is highly sought after by many Australian buyers due to our undying love for the outdoors. Opening your home up and introducing the outdoors into your life improves your entertaining capacity immensely, and also has the ability to enhance the appeal of mundane daily tasks like drinking your morning coffee.

Open your living space by installing doors.

Many homes have substantial floor area in the living and dining spaces; however, the indoor-outdoor living cohesion is often disconnected by only having a single sliding door to access the outside area. The ideal way to create a seamless flow between your indoor living area and outdoor entertainment space; is to remove walls and install bi-fold doors or sliding glass doors which will dramatically open up your space and welcome guests immediately to the outdoor entertainment area upon arrival. This minor renovation will instantly connect your indoor and outdoor living spaces and generate an uninterrupted flow between these two key areas of your home.

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Install retractable outdoor screens.

Now that you have your patio area, roofing and doors in check—next comes the finishing touch! Installing Phantom Screens retractable outdoor screens which allows you to completely enclose your outdoor entertainment area when you desire. With the motorised version of these outdoor screens; you have the freedom to retract these at any time with a simple click of a button to open up the entire area. This is the most luxurious yet practical investment you can add to the outside area of any Australian home as it increases the live ability of the home tenfold by basically adding a weatherproof extension to your home to cater for many more guests with ease. Phantom Screens have products available in fabrics, mesh and vinyl that will increase your homes privacy, aid in heat control and improve the natural ventilation in your space during mealtime (which is fantastic for those who love to barbecue).

Motorised retractable outdoor screens are completely custom-made to seamlessly fit your indoor-outdoor openings. They encourage more outdoor time for everyone and create a well-ventilated area that is sun safe for children to play. Having an indoor-outdoor living area promotes a happy and healthy family life. High-quality outdoor screens can provide your entertainment area adequate shelter from sun, wind, rain, dust and insects—so regardless of the weather forecast your party plans will never be disturbed again!

More design freedom!

Are you sick of having to constantly replace your favourite outdoor furniture due to fading? By incorporating outdoor blinds and outdoor screens into the creation of your entertainment area you will be rewarded with the freedom to invest in your ideal outdoor furniture! Stop constantly compromising because you know outdoor furniture is often ruined by harsh Australian environmental elements. Installing Phantom Screens will allow you to protect your valuable pieces from rain and harmful UV rays which rapidly fade even the most durable materials. This touch of luxury is ideal for those living in the home and also a huge selling point which will give your home that competitive edge in the housing market.

Fully enclose your entertainment area to promote better flow and design fluidity within your home, by choosing Phantom Screens. Phantom Screens can create outdoor screens and outdoor blinds for large spaces, windows and doorways up to 8 meters wide and 5 meters high—the largest motorised screens available. All outdoor screens are expertly installed by licenced professionals and accompanied by a limited lifetime warranty for your peace of mind.

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