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How to keep insects away without using chemicals.

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If you’re an Australian homeowner, you would have seen your fair share of ants and cockroaches unexpectedly in your space. This can be inconvenient and unhygienic and using harsh chemicals in areas of the home such as the kitchen, where food is prepared, can be very unappealing particularly if you have young children or pets who live with you. Insects and creepy crawlies enter your home because they are looking for food, water and shelter. Creating an extra barrier to your home using outdoor blinds or outdoor screens can be highly effective in reducing the amount of insects and creepy crawlies entering your home. Here are some of our trusted tips on ways to protect your home from unwelcome insects.

Outdoor blinds and outdoor screens.

Properly installed outdoor blinds and outdoor screens can completely enclose an outdoor area of your home which creates the ultimate barrier between your home and insects or creepy crawlies. Outdoor blinds not only will keep mosquitos and flies away while you’re entertaining outside—they will also aid in stopping ants, cockroaches, earwigs, firebrats, flies, house centipedes, silverfish, and spiders (all the most common household pests) from entering your home. The easiest way to rid your home of unwanted pests is by restricting their access to the warmth of your home. Outdoor blinds and outdoor screens can act as an extra seal between your home and the outside world, which means once installed correctly your outdoor blinds will offer the best protection from pests that doesn’t involve the use of harsh chemicals.

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outdoor blinds means no chemicals needed

Why you shouldn’t use chemicals.

Taking the alternate route to using harsh chemicals to keep pests out of the home can be more beneficial to yourself and your families health long term. Most of the pesticides used today are chemicals which have been developed in a laboratory by scientists and produced in factories. Some pesticides are quite hazardous, as they can be harmful to humans and other living things. They can contaminate land, the air, food crops, waterways and seriously harm or kill native animals, pets and domestic animals. When people using pesticides become careless they run the risk of poisoning themselves, other people and animals and plants. It’s very difficult to balance getting your target animal with pesticides and avoiding the non-target (which is your family and pets). Avoid the need for chemicals by using outdoor blinds and outdoor screens to create that extra layer of protection for your home from insects and creepy crawlies.

What's the best outdoor blinds material for keeping out creepy crawlies?

If you’re wanting to add outdoor blinds or outdoor screens to the perimeter of your outdoor area, to completely enclose the space—opt for a heavy duty vinyl, mesh or fabric that cannot be penetrated by insects. These will come complete with a slidebar, tracks and weather seals to ensure the ultimate protection for your home. The choice of material is just as important as the installation process. Without choosing an experienced team of professionals such as those at Phantom Screens you run the risk of having inaccurate or visually unappealing outdoor blinds that don’t serve their intended purpose. With Phantom Screens, you have the option to let the breeze in but keep the bugs out with an array of expertly installed retractable screens to suit every style and purpose.

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Everyday tips to keep insects out of your home.

Along with utilising outdoor screens as the ultimate barrier between your home and creepy crawlies there are also better ways to manage bugs in your home (on a daily basis) which doesn’t involve reaching for insecticides. Always remember to regularly empty your bin and store all food away in sealed containers. If you see an insect trail, wipe this down immediately and opt for baits rather than chemical sprays where possible. In saying this, the ultimate way to keep your home free from insects is by covering your doors, windows and outdoor area with insect screens. This is the most environmentally friendly and healthy option for you and your family.

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