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Make your home more energy efficient with outdoor blinds.

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Living in Australia, particularly Queensland—generally means you are no stranger to running your air conditioner overtime which understandably increases your energy bills immensely. If you want to minimise the cash you’re spending on your energy bills there are some simple measures you can take that involve the use of outdoor blinds and awnings to reduce your inflated energy costs without sacrificing on comfort.

Energy saving outdoor blinds.

One of the most effective ways to keep the interior of your home cool is by utilising outdoor blinds and outdoor screens. High-quality outdoor blinds and outdoor screens regulate the amount of the sun’s heat that reaches your home’s facade, therefore, they provide an additional cost effective barrier between your home and the sun which can reduce the heat in the interior of your home by up to 90%. Outdoor blinds allow you to have more control over the level of heat and sunlight that penetrates your windows and doors on a daily basis. They are a small upfront investment that will save you long term on your energy bills.

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outdoor screens and blinds

Where do I install outdoor blinds for energy saving purposes?

If you want your home to be more green and are conscious of keeping your energy bills low, install outdoor blinds around your main outdoor entertaining area or any pergola or verandah section of your home that is surrounding entrances and windows to your home. Sunlight and the sun’s glare being absorbed into your Australian home is the primary source of heat gain within the home. Outdoor blinds will allow you to regulate the temperature in your home and will create a more comfortable space all year round that can be enjoyed by the entire family. This creates a healthier and cooler environment for pets who stay at home during the day too and have access to inside areas of the home.

By installing well-made and well-designed outdoor blinds, awnings or outdoor shutters, you can significantly reduce heat transfer to your house with immediate effect. Retractable awnings and outdoor blinds and outdoor shutters can be installed above most windows or door openings of the home and are particularly great too as you can always roll them up during the cooler months to let the sun warm your home too as they have a dual cooling and heating capability.

Phantom Screens offers the largest motorised screens available in the Queensland market—which allows you to enclose even the largest outdoor spaces and help minimise energy bills.

You won't lose your natural light.

Outdoor blinds made from fabric, mesh or vinyl—have been shown to reduce heat gain immensely but also allow natural light to still come into your home or outdoor entertaining area if you wish. Such window coverings reflect the sun’s heat or glare, thereby insulating your windows and saving you substantially on your bills. They’ll still also allow you to enjoy natural light and will give you added privacy for your home. Some opt to use a combination of outdoor screens and outdoor blinds with interior window coverings such as shutters or curtains.

Interior and exterior shutters are great because they feature movable or fixed louvers that facilitate ventilation and allow natural light to enter your space; while blocking out much of the sun’s radiation. Queensland homeowners do value the right amount of natural light during the day, however, want to be able to control this and minimise the negative effects such as high energy bills and the fading of furniture and carpets.

Don’t compromise on comfort to increase your home’s energy efficiency—install Phantom Screens outdoor blinds to improve your lifestyle.

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If you are building—consider your window size and orientation.

When building or renovating your home, consider how big your windows will be and where they will be in relation to the sun to ensure you can maximise your home’s energy efficiency. Be sure to factor in the summer and winter track of the sun, how your home sits on the block in relation to the sun’s path, and exactly how you will heat and cool your home in the hotter and cooler months. If you are building or renovating you should consider adding blinds, awnings or double glazing glass windows to ensure the best temperature control ability. These all come with upfront costs but will make your house more green and comfortable all year round. This is also ideal for those who are wanting to stay put long term or those who want that competitive edge when selling.

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