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Reasons to avoid DIY screen installation.

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If you are considering adding fly screens or retractable outdoor screens to your home, it’s important to understand the intricacies of this job and why you should only have these expertly installed by seasoned professionals. There are many DIY jobs that can be done around the home, but installing fly screens requires precision and experience to ensure they look good and fulfil their desired purpose. Unless you have years of experience installing screens, it’s best to leave this job to the professionals and here are some good reasons why.

1.Accuracy is everything.

When it comes to measuring up your outdoor screens, it’s not just about taking the “good enough” approach as every millimetre is important with a job of this nature. With fly screens, they can become ineffective if they are out just one millimetre, so to ensure you aren’t wasting your time and money—it’s best to leave this job to the professionals. The risk of taking inaccurate measurements is much higher if you are working with door and window configurations that are more difficult to screen than others. There are many variations of window and door openings and the more intricate or unusual they are, the more difficult the job becomes. If you’re working with any of the more advanced windows or doors or if you have chosen a recessed screening solution, then you need to factor in additional centimetres into your measurements. Phantom Screens has a team of professionals who can expertly install your retractable outdoor screens to suit any purpose or style.

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2.Using the correct tools is vital.

Professional outdoor screens and outdoor blinds installers have an entire kit of tools which they utilise for each job to ensure the screens are expertly installed and function as intended. This toolkit is costly and you will end up spending more on the tools than on your installations costs. So it’s a smart idea to leave this job to the professionals. This way your screens will be perfect, functional and aesthetically pleasing.

3.Attempting this will be majorly time consuming.

If you don’t have any experience installing outdoor screens or outdoor blinds you will have to spend literally hours reading and watching video tutorials on exactly how to execute this task, due to how many variables are involved in each job. Even after doing your ground work, this still doesn’t guarantee success. As you’ll find that despite devoting days and sometimes weeks to this task, if you don’t have industry experience, often you will be left with outdoor screens and outdoor blinds that have operation failure.

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4.You want to avoid the risk of costly repairs.

If you have installed your outdoor screens or outdoor blinds yourself and have noticed they aren’t working to your satisfaction or they look visually unappealing—you may need to pay for repairs which means all your time, money and effort trying to install these blinds yourself has been wasted. Without having industry experience, it’s highly likely your screens won’t be perfect and you’ll need to outlay more funds to have this rectified

Phantom Screens has a team of highly trained and experienced professionals who will expertly install your outdoor screens to ensure they are visually perfect and function exactly as intended. Phantom Screens has a high customer satisfaction rate and can ensure your entire outdoor blinds and outdoor screens installation process is seamless from the beginning to the end.

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