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Retractable screen doors: what you should know before purchasing.

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Adding retractable screen doors and windows to your home can elevate its street appeal, increase the livability of your outdoor area and provide extra privacy and sun protection where you need it most. With many outdoor screens available, from an array of different companies, it’s important that you do your research prior to committing to your purchase to ensure you are getting a product that is of the ultimate value and quality. Here are some elements you should consider prior to purchasing your outdoor screens to make sure you don’t end up with a subpar product or are left out of pocket.

Ask about a warranty.

Trustworthy suppliers will always offer a warranty with good lengthy coverage, as this means they are confident with the quality of their product. If a company doesn’t offer a warranty or it’s a very limited warranty with minimal coverage, this is an alarm bell. Phantom Screens offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty which includes all parts (excluding mesh) and components, as well as a 24-month parts, labour and shipping warranty.

Repairs should be seamlessly done.

If your chosen retractable screen doors and windows ever require a repair, this process should be simple and easy to arrange through your trusted supplier. The way this is made possible with Phantom Screens is that the outdoor screens are made with interchangeable components that are covered under warranty. This means that the entire screen doesn’t need to be swapped out, it can be as simple as changing out a singular part to have your screens working like new again. This makes the repair process easier and less costly for customers.

Professional installation is a must.

When purchasing retractable screen doors and windows, ensure installation is included in your end cost. Installing outdoor screens is an intricate process that requires experience in the field in order to execute it right. The company you purchase your outdoor screens from should include professional installation in your end price to ensure you are receiving the best follow-up service and to certify that you as a customer will get the most out of your new investment. Unless you are a trained professional, installing your outdoor screens yourself can be tedious and time consuming. Also, trying to find a third-party installer can also be time consuming and costly in the long run, so ensure that your chosen supplier is also your trusted installer.

How to ensure your product is quality.

Not all retractable screens and doors are built the same, which is why it’s important to test the screens at a showroom or store if possible. You want to ensure the system you are choosing for your outdoor screens operates smoothly and retracts at a steady pace without any slam back which can be harsh on the interchangeable components. Ensure the retractable screen doors and windows you choose are compact and have a streamline design, this way they won’t appear bulky or unsightly on the exterior of your home.

Consider the purpose of your outdoor screens.

Not all retractable screen doors and windows are utilised by customers for the same purpose, as opting to install outdoor screens can be for a myriad of justifiable reasons. This is why it’s important to make choices on materials and styles based on your personal reasonings. Most outdoor screens are effective at keeping bugs and mosquitoes away from your home, however, some designs are more pet friendly and are made from a thicker fabric, which is also effective at keeping critters such as possums and rodents away from your home. If your outdoor screens are exposed to harsh elements like excessive rain, dust or wind, you will need a retractable screen door made with sturdier materials. Look for screen doors made with a UV resistant nylon coating that can protect the outdoor screens from fading or discoloration or powder coating which can protect against those harsher elements too.

Positive reviews and feedback.

Do your own research and look out for positive peer reviews by previous customers. This will give you the best insight into the legitimacy of the company and their aftercare. Reviews usually provide in-depth detail about the specifics of the product and will help you decide on whether or not this is the right product for you. You can also get some great insight on the installation process through peer reviews. Ensure the product you are being sold is trustworthy, safe and high-quality through reading reviews on Google, Facebook and any other social media platform or website your chosen company engages in.

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