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The best outdoor blinds for your verandah, pergola or patio.

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Do you have a fantastic outdoor area that is hardly utilised because of wind, rain, nosey neighbours and creepy crawlies? Phantom Screens has a huge range of high-end and affordable outdoor blinds that allow you to create the most comfortable and inviting outdoor space that is private and protected from sun and harsh weather conditions. If you’re struggling to decide on the best option for your home—see our ultimate guide below, which provides in-depth information on outdoor blinds styles and accompanying details on their benefits and important features.

Shade outdoor blinds.

This is a very popular request, particularly for Queensland customers who experience harsh sunshine and glare all-year-round. The benefit of shade blinds is that they allow you to experience cool breeze and shade without restricting your view to your backyard. This is fantastic for monitoring pets and children and also allows yourself and your guests to feel like they are enjoying the outdoors without the added cons of harsh weather conditions. Shade outdoor blinds offer great protection from UV rays as well as a high level of insulation which creates the ideal dining area/entertaining precinct that is child and pet friendly.

Outdoor blinds for your pergola, verandah or patio also offer a higher level of privacy due to their reduced transparency. This is ideal if you have nosey neighbours or hawkers that interrupt your entertaining and downtime on a regular basis.

Design and functionality.

Phantom Screens offer a range of stylish colours in your choice of durable fabric, mesh or vinyl that can fit openings up to 8 metres wide and 5 metres high in a recessed or surface mounted design. Customers have the ability to completely customise their screens to match the screens frame to their home; or can choose from Phantom Screens array of signature colours and custom wood grain finishes.

Opaque outdoor blinds.

Phantom Screens opaque outdoor blinds offer the highest level of privacy possible. Not only do opaque outdoor screens block out close to all UV rays, they also offer phenomenal protection from wind and water. They are the ultimate outdoor area insulation option, which create an ideal space to lounge in all year round. Opaque blinds will reflect the heat away from your home to keep your home cool and comfortable on even the hottest of days. This feature will help lower your energy bills and aids in increasing the lifespan of your outdoor furniture.

Design and functionality.

Phantom Screens has opaque outdoor blinds available in a range of styles and colours that allow you to enhance the aesthetics of your home’s exterior. Outdoor blinds that are motorised give you the option to cordon off an area in your entertainment space for extra privacy or functional zoning. Outdoor blinds can be shuttered, retractable, fixed or roller-style—they are made from strong and waterproof materials so they can withstand the harshest weather conditions with ease. If you purchase and have your outdoor blinds expertly installed by a trusted specialist from Phantom Screens—you will enjoy low maintenance, easy-to-use blinds for many years to come.

outdoor blinds open living space

Also available in a clear and tinted option!

The clear and tinted outdoor blinds follow the same rules as the opaque style blinds from a functional perspective—however, the sole difference is they are clear or slightly tinted in order to not obstruct your view. This material choice is popular for numerous cafes and restaurants in order to maintain an atmosphere that is open and inviting. These can also be installed at your residential home so you are protected from UV rays, wind and rain, however you still will have the freedom to enjoy a completely unobstructed view of your property. With transparent outdoor blinds, colour options are understandably limited, however, a slight tint can be applied to assist with minimising glare.

What’s next?

If you have decided to take the plunge—and want to discuss your next steps with Phantom Screens, get in touch today. Phantom Screens has an extensive history of servicing customers from the Gold Coast to the Sunshine coast since 1996. If you’re wanting the best retractable outdoors screens on the market, call us today or let us know through our online form on our website to get a response within 48hours. Phantom Screens will provide you with a free in-home measure and quote and ongoing consultation to ensure you are completely satisfied with your choice of outdoor blinds.

If you are renovating, be sure to add Phantom Screens outdoor blinds into your renovation budget to increase the value and liveability of your home!

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