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Why you should blend your indoor and outdoor living spaces.

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Having the ability to merge your indoor and outdoor living spaces with a seamless design will increase the visual appeal of your home and of course the functionality too. This cohesive indoor and outdoor living space trend is widely popular as it improves your ability to host guests, adds value to your home and will inject much needed life into lacklustre living spaces.

Throughout Australian homes—the outdoor living space has become a focal point for homeowners to showcase guests. Gone are the days of a simple patio or pergola as we have transcended into an era where due to technology and manufacturing capabilities, creating luxurious blended indoor and outdoor living spaces is achievable for many. What has made these outdoor living spaces more achievable is the availability of high quality, outdoor blinds and outdoor screens that give you the freedom to create an outdoor area that feels more like an extension of your home.

Using outdoor screens to combine your living spaces.

Many Australian homes now boast an open plan living area that is connected to the outdoor patio through sliding, bi-fold or French doors. Most new home builds or those who engage in home renovations opt for this open plan living design which allows for far better connectivity to the outdoor living space. Most homes are fit with the typical patio and awning, however, enclosing the outdoor living space with outdoor blinds or outdoor screens, will allow you to have privacy, control the weather and keep furniture safe from the elements for longevity. This means you have more interior design freedom to really revamp your outdoor living space to create the ultimate relaxation sanctuary or entertainment venue.

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Advantages of enclosing your outdoor area with screens.

Having privacy from nosey neighbours or having a dedicated area for you to wind down in without gawkers is an invaluable addition to any home. Outdoor spaces are utilised for a myriad of reasons including dinner parties, children’s birthdays, family gatherings and much more. High quality outdoor screens are super convenient as they disappear when they aren’t required with a simple push of a button. This means your view of your child’s play area, your pool or surrounding gardens will never be obstructed unnecessarily. Outdoor screens and outdoor blinds are aesthetically appealing and will add value to your home if they are professionally installed and manufactured by a certified professional like Phantom Screens. They are also great at hiding unsightly views such as concrete walls, old fences, wheelie bins, water tanks or neighbouring yards for those on more compact blocks. Enclosing your outdoor area with outdoor blinds allows you to be protected from the harsh environmental elements and UV rays but also allows you to control and welcome fresh airflow and sunlight at the level you enjoy, all year round. Phantom Screens allow you to create the ultimate airy yet enclosed outdoor space with their well-ventilated screens that don’t shut in or make your connected outdoor living space feel stuffy or uninviting.

Phantom Screens make their outdoor screens and outdoor blinds using top quality aluminium extrusions which are powder coated in the Dulux Powder Coating range. All of Phantom Screens products are chromate pre-treated making them the only marine approved retractable screening and shading system on the market. This means they are well made and will stand the test of time, which makes them the ultimate investment for your home.

Does the size of your home matter?

Regardless of whether you are on acreage or a more compact inner-city block—the need for a cohesive outdoor area that blends perfectly with your main residence will make a priceless addition to a residence of any kind.

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What are the benefits of merging your living spaces?

It’s very common to think of your home and backyard as two separate entities with a clear boundary differentiating the two. But linking indoor and outdoor spaces—even if it’s only a tiny garden or terrace—can help your interior feel larger and add a sense of grandeur to your home. You can combine your interior living space with your outdoor living space through an open plan design, large opening doors and then the final step which is enclosing your patio, veranda or awning with outdoor screens to create that home extension feel. When you get this smart design strategy right, you are more likely to spend your days with the doors open, so you can enjoy daylight and fresh air all year round. This promotes a healthier lifestyle and encourages you to be more social too as you have the ideal venue to host guests.

Tips for new builds or renovating.

If you are wanting to completely revamp your existing home or are building new and want to achieve this ideal, blended indoor and outdoor living space—here are the ultimate tips to achieve this memorable cohesion in your own home.

  • Doors.
    One of the most obvious tips for creating that connectedness between your indoor and outdoor living spaces is to lose any walls that are separating the areas. To create the maximum connection between your indoor and outdoor living areas, swap any existing solid walls for one you can see through—such as a contemporary glazed door option. Bi-fold doors in this connected zone with narrow framing are a popular choice for many Australian homeowners looking to renovate their home or those building new. There are countless glazed door options that are available in an array of colours, styles and sizes to suit the needs of any home design plan. Introduce ample natural light into your space by incorporating sliding doors into your indoor living space that leads to your outdoor living space. Cluttering an area with doors can make it feel constricted rather than open and airy. Sliding doors create a fantastic indoor/outdoor flow and allow for easy access to your outdoor area. Sliding doors can also help you save a surprising amount of energy too as they allow more natural light to enter your space which means you will use less electricity for lighting.
    French doors work well on more traditional style properties, and they will allow twice as much light to penetrate your space in comparison to standard windows. Art Deco or warehouse-style Crittall windows work well as a pair of doors between glazed side panels—this gives certain design conscious homes that stylistic edge.
  • Flooring.
    Utilise the same flooring in both your indoor and outdoor living space to unify these areas. A floor that extends from indoors to the exterior of your home will naturally draw the eye outside due to the continuous finish. There are many floor options available in both an indoor and outdoor option—this is to ensure the design theme is cohesive in your home, yet the flooring is suitable for its environment. If you are using grout in chosen tiles for example, ensure this is the same colour too. Consider extending the roof of your home to cover more of your patio (for those of you who have a pre-existing patio).This way you can leave the doors open yet remain sheltered from wind and rain. Ensure the overhang doesn’t make your indoor living space feel dark or dingy inside either—if it does, consider using glazing for the overhang.
  • Outdoor screens.
    Outdoor screens are the main element that will give your outdoor living areas that connected feeling to your homes’ interior. Without enclosing your outdoor space with retractable outdoor screens, your valuable furniture will be left out in the elements which will subject them to fading from UV rays and harsh wind and rain that will affect the longevity of your favourite pieces. Having outdoor screens on your patio will give you the freedom to entertain in a well thought out ‘outdoor feel’ type venue all year round. This means you will never have to cancel your plans again due to unruly weather conditions, high temperatures or strong winds. As all Australian homeowners are aware, mosquito season can be a real issue that impacts your lifestyle for a significant portion of the year. Mosquitoes tend to be around during the warmer months—when entertaining in your outdoor area is the most appealing. Outdoor screens mean you will be mosquito ready, so you can continue to enjoy your outdoor space free from mosquitoes and creepy crawlies during their peak times.
    Screening in your outdoor area with high-end outdoor screens or outdoor blinds will allow you to extend your living area outdoors so you can enjoy that open-air ambience anytime of the year. Phantom Screens are an established and market leading outdoor screen and outdoor blinds company that can add screens to an existing outdoor extension or a new build. With the largest motorised screen available, Phantom Screens can ensure that your chosen outdoor blinds and outdoor screens are suited to your home’s dimensions. To achieve the perfect finish, your outdoor blinds or outdoor screens must be fitted by a professional to ensure longevity and ease
    of use.
  • Materials.
    Incorporating finishes outside that are usually reserved as options for indoor use, and vice versa, helps effectively blur the boundaries between the two areas—this design tactic will make the two spaces appear more connected and unified. Utilising exposed brick for example in your indoor and outdoor spaces creates a cohesive feel. Painting exterior walls or staining exterior beams or features in the same colours which have been utilised in your indoor living space will aid in creating this indoor/outdoor connection. Be sure you check that your colour and stain choice are suitable for outdoor use prior to selecting them.
  • Lighting.
    Adding a good lighting design plan to your outdoor area that is complementary to your indoor lighting scheme will help you to tie the two spaces together cohesively. Good lighting can increase the overall appeal of any outdoor area. A successful lighting arrangement should consist of many layers to be effective and functional in your outdoor space. Introducing lighting paths, washing light up fences or down walls—and highlighting features through lighting such as plants, sculptures or trees is also a great design strategy for your connected lighting scheme.
    Traditional fairy lights hung from your pergola or wrapped around a feature tree in your yard is also going to enhance your space. There are many waterproof pendant light options available for outdoor use that can give your outdoor area an “indoor feeling” whilst entertaining.
  • Furniture.
    Furnish your outdoor area as you would furnish your indoor area to create that indoor/outdoor design cohesion. Installing outdoor screens prior to furnishing your outdoor space is recommended as outdoor screens and outdoor blinds will extend the life of the furniture you utilise in your outdoor space. When you have your outdoor screens installed—you won’t have to stick to the generic outdoor setting, as you will have the freedom to introduce armchairs, hammocks, sofas and rattan furniture with plush cushions to enhance the appeal of this area.
    You can incorporate coffee tables or even a bar area with stools. Maybe you want to try a corner sofa or an outdoor kitchen for the ultimate luxurious and practical outdoor space. With weatherproof, high quality outdoor screens—the design possibilities are endless for your outdoor area. You can also continue the interior design strategy you chose to employ in your indoor living area to your outdoor area by utilising the exact same furniture choices. This will create a luxury feel and really unite the two spaces as one.

If you are looking to create a perfectly cohesive indoor/outdoor living space in your home, be sure to factor in expertly installed, retractable outdoor screens or outdoor blinds by Phantom Screens. Phantom Screens are a market leading outdoor blind supplier who have provided services to countless Australians with many happy Queensland based customers who have homes and businesses ranging from the Gold Coast to the Sunshine Coast. Phantom Screens understand the Queensland weather better than anyone—which is why all their screens are made with the highest quality materials that are built to withstand harsh weather conditions. Regardless of the size of the outdoor area you’re wanting to enclose, Phantom Screens can find the perfect solution for more compact blocks to acreage style blocks as they are the leading supplier of the largest motorised screens in Australia.

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