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Your ultimate guide to motorised blinds.

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Many homeowners at some point in their life, have contemplated whether or not motorised blinds would improve their overall lifestyle. However, choosing the right motorised blinds for your home can be a daunting task. Whether you are building, renovating or simply want to retrofit your home with smart motorised blinds, here is some valuable industry insight into the expansive world of indoor and outdoor blinds to help you with your decision-making process

What are motorised blinds?

Electric blinds work at the touch of a button; you’ll see the blind fabric glide effortlessly up and down the window, doorway or outside space driven by a small motorised unit. Ultimately, motorised blinds are created to provide residential and commercial properties with shade, privacy, temperature control and everyday convenience.

How are motorised blinds powered?

The two most common ways motorised blinds are powered is—either wirelessly, using standard batteries, or they can be run off your household electricity mains. As smart home technology keeps getting lower in price the popularity of motorised blinds is booming for both residential and commercial buildings.

  • Battery powered
    This is the most affordable route because they don’t require wiring for power or control. This is also the least disruptive solution for retrofit applications. Opting for battery powered motorised indoor or outdoor screens is ideal for hard-to-reach places that require blinds. This is because with battery powered blinds there is no need to install a plug socket nearby or run any new wiring in order to power your motorised blinds. Additionally, wiring can sometimes be unsightly too, so being able to avoid extra wires is always a bonus. The battery powered blinds are completely wireless, and the batteries simply slide inside a battery tray that sits neatly behind the blind fascia, or within the blind shaft itself.
  • Wireless, wired and solar.
    It’s common for the advanced blind solutions to require running power to each shade. With wired shades, a separate line is run to each shade connecting it to a central control system. With wireless, the motor itself connects to a controller via a wireless network. Both solutions are reliable and tend to be in a similar price bracket. While the wireless motors are more expensive, the extra wiring required for the alternative tends to even out this price tag.
    In order to be powered by the mains, your electric blinds will need to be connected to the power source where the blinds will be installed. Phantom Screens outdoor blinds feature SIMU Hz02 motors with handheld remote controls, and optional sun and wind sensors. This advanced technology allows for direct integration into your home automation systems. Phantom Screens, SolarSmart motors systems, include a battery pack and solar panel for a more sustainable option too.

How long do batteries last in motorised blinds?

Typically, if a motorised blind is operated twice a day, they should last up to five years. The remote control units, however, use standard alkaline batteries and will need to be replaced more often.

Where can you install motorised blinds?

  • Indoor
    Every window and door coving inside your home can most likely be fit with custom or ready-made motorised blinds. Such motorised blinds can make the interior design of your house fully cohesive and can add substantial value to your home. Through smart technology, interior motorised blinds can be synced to open and close at particular times, even while you are on holidays or working late.
  • Outdoor
    Outdoor motorised blinds are extremely popular as being able to retract your blinds at a push of  button is very convenient and will increase the liveability of your home. Phantom Screens is a market leading, Queensland blind supplier who has fit countless homes with ‘The Executive Screen’ which is the largest track guided motorised screen available globally, capable of covering openings of 8 metres wide x 5 metres high in a single screen. Outdoor blinds are ideal for commercial, hospitality and residential construction or renovation projects. They are perfect to fit pergolas, verandas and all styles of outdoor entertaining precincts with. Alfresco dining precincts and courtyard areas can be taken to the next level of comfortability with motorised outdoor blinds. Also, garages, oversized windows and doors can also benefit from the installation of motorised outdoor blinds.

How much do motorised blinds cost?

There are many elements to this question as motorised blinds are available in varying types which can all fluctuate in price. The size of your windows is also a factor as motorised roller blinds for a small window can vary in comparison to motorised blinds for your outdoor area. Keep in mind you’ll also have to account for transportation and installation costs. For an accurate quote for your property, request a quote from a reputable manufacturer like Phantom Screens who boast the industry’s most competitive pricing.

Motorised roller blinds represent a sizable investment and can easily amount to thousands of dollars depending on how many windows, doors and openings you require to have motorised blinds. It is reported that most people who own even one or two of these blinds, will tell you the investment is worth every penny considering how many benefits are associated with having indoor and outdoor blinds at your home.

Are motorised blinds worth the investment?

Yes, installing motorised blinds and shades definitely comes with an upfront cost. However, nearly all customers will recoup the amount spent on this investment if they sell as motorised blinds give your home that competitive edge in even the most challenging markets. Not only will they increase the value of your home, but they can also help you bring down energy costs in your home with their insulation properties. In terms of energy efficiency alone, many homeowners report having recouped their expenses in a few short years. Your motorised blinds provide you with a quick and convenient way to save energy and money, all while creating a more pleasant home environment that can be enjoyed all year round—that in itself is priceless

Will you have to measure your own blinds?

If you purchase your own blinds online or from an interstate or overseas seller for example, you will be asked to provide your own measurements which can be an extremely daunting task even for those of us who have extreme attention to detail. If you engage a certified professional, they will come to your home for an obligation free measure and quote to provide you with an accurate estimate for your work. This will save you hours of time and is a stress-free alternative to purchasing blinds.

  • Width
    It’s important to note that measuring blinds yourself can be extremely difficult as varying styles of blinds require different measuring tactics. For example, for any roller shades, solar shades, sheer shades, or vertical blinds the measurement is taken from the top of the window for the width. For all other styles, the narrowest width measurement of the top, middle and bottom is used to determine the width.
  • Height
    In regard to the height of your blinds, for roller shades, solar shades, sheer shades, or vertical blinds the shortest height is chosen. Whereas for all other styles, the longest height is chosen.

There are many more intricate processes to follow in order to achieve accurate measurements. If you’re wanting to purchase your blinds online you should follow the rules of your chosen supplier to ensure ultimate accuracy, as the slightest mistake can leave you out of pocket thousands of dollars.

Are motorised blinds reliable?

New improvements in Motor and Shade Technology worldwide has made motorised blinds systems far more reliable than they once were. It’s been proven that motorised blinds for both indoor and outdoor locations, are used up to seven times more than traditional window and door coverings due to their convenience and ease of use. It’s said that motorised treatments last 50% longer, so don’t stress because you won’t be needing to replace your new motorised blinds anytime soon.

Should blinds touch the window sill?

Blinds should always be hanging without touching the floor or window sill to provide a sleek and seamless finish. If they are regularly loose and overhanging this may cause damage to your blinds long term—so always be mindful to keep your blinds slightly above your window sill or floor. Horizontal blinds that are too long are quite unsightly and also pose a serious safety hazard for young children.

Should all your blinds be uniform?

The layout of your home (both the indoor and outdoor areas) must be factored in to determine this. If your home is open plan, the preferred choice is to use the same style of blinds, curtains or shutters throughout the open area to ensure your design is cohesive and unified. Keep it contemporary by trying to blend your outdoor living space with your indoor living space. Opt for outdoor blinds that are unified with your chosen indoor blinds (colour and style wise), but of course, ensure they are suitable for exterior use. For homes that don’t boast an open plan design, generally it’s suitable to have different styles of blinds or curtains throughout your home. Not all blinds need to be motorised either, you may want to mix and match depending on your budget.

Should my motorised blinds match my wall colour?

There really aren’t any rules when it comes to the colour of your blinds, however, opting for indoor and outdoor blinds that are cohesive with your existing wall colours can have a striking and extremely contemporary effect in your space. Opting for blinds that are a couple of shades lighter than your pre-existing walls can also give an airy and open feel to your home.

Curb appeal and resale value.

Homes with matching window treatments tend to look more uniform and appealing from the street which can be extremely enticing for potential buyers (this is particularly important for those renovating to sell). Keeping your blinds all uniform inside and out can really make your home look and feel far more luxurious and contemporary too.

Can existing blinds be motorised?

Most high-quality motorised blinds available are designed to replace your existing blinds or be installed when the house is being built. This is because market leading outdoor blinds are generally a cohesive unit which utilise integrated technology. Therefore, you will need to replace general blinds with a new motorised option.

Should I commit to purchasing motorised indoor and outdoor blinds for my home?

  • Visually appealing.
    Motorised blinds are seen as very luxurious, fashion forward and a high-end addition for any home—one that will take your interior and exterior design to new heights. Well-made motorised blinds can be a massive statement piece and strong selling point for homes on the market, and even holiday rentals. Motorised window furnishings are a smart choice for high, tall or large windows as this helps prevent damage to blinds that may be too heavy for regular manual operation. Completing your home with motorised blinds both indoor and outdoor is a great way to unify your home design and will keep your space looking tidy as they don’t have hanging cords that are notorious for catching on things.
  • Child and pet friendly.
    The beauty of motorised blinds is that all blinds can be operated together simultaneously or separately depending on the time of day or type of event you are catering for. Having motorised window covers which are free from outdated pull cords or strings, make motorised blinds the perfect choice for those with small children or pets.
  • Remote control operation.
    With motorised blinds you have the ability to adjust the height of your blinds with the click of a button, which is ideal for windows that aren’t easily accessible. Once installed, motorised blinds can be operated by using your remote control as well as home automation apps and technology on your smartphone or tablet. This is a great alternative to manual blinds for those with disability/mobility issues too.

For all your motorised blinds needs, contact Phantom Screens for an obligation free measure and quote. Phantom Screens provides expertly installed retractable screens to suit every style and purpose and they are industry leaders who have the largest motorised screen available. If you’re based in the Gold Coast, Brisbane or Sunshine Coast—Phantom Screens will be happy to service your area in a timely manner.

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